What is YouPiceno?

During which season do You like to travel?

What kind of holiday You are looking for?

With whom do You want to share this experience?

What is YouPiceno?

YouPiceno.it is your new go-to portal for experiencing the Piceno, discovering and learning more about the local area, and organizing your holiday.

In fact, YouPiceno.it offers online booking for holidays and personal experiences in the Piceno, via a single user-friendly management and discovery tool!

Events, nature, landscapes, itineraries, artistic and cultural tours, shopping, food and wine tasting, and accommodation!

Building your holiday package has never been easier or so packed with choice.

With YouPiceno.it you can explore the area virtually and look up information on different places, natural and artistic attractions, unmissable sights and typical products. You can also book your holiday accommodation and meals, as well as your activities: food and wine tasting, events, museum visits, guided tours, shopping for food and wine, or short arts and crafts courses.

What makes YouPiceno.it so unique is the fact that it brings together basic information, further details and tour guides on the Piceno and its many attractions in a single virtual place, linking all this with the opportunities and activities offered by the area, special offers and promotions.

YouPiceno.it makes it easier than ever to discover the area, its characteristics and typical features, thanks to guided navigation mechanisms and specific filters.


YouPiceno is innovative and practical because it offers:

Aggregation and correlation
Using content aggregation and correlation mechanisms, the system allows you to discover and gain insights into new destinations for your holidays. Access packages, special offers and discounts associated with the area, its activities and events. Discover, select and book your favourite places to eat, sleep, go shopping, visit, and taste food and wine. Keep up to date and take part in local events.

Guided navigation
The system will help you and guide you through the discovery of the contents, allowing you to filter them by interest (food and wine, landscapes, events, art and culture), holiday period (spring, summer, autumn and winter), holiday type (sea, mountains, relaxation), holiday companions (family, couple, friends).

Trip planning
The system will allow you to plan your Piceno experience with great ease, letting you save the contents of most interest to you in a specific area. Packages, hotels, restaurants, museums and events, as well as locations and places of interest, will all be just a click away, making it even easier for you to make your booking or purchase, and to share them with your friends and family!

Are you ready?
The Piceno experience starts here! 

YouPiceno.it is a project co-funded under the PSL PICENO plan (2007–13 rural development programme, Marche Region – Axis IV – Leader – Implementing local development strategies – Measure sub. C – Development and/or marketing of tourism and rural tourism services in rural areas).