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Piceno Senso Creativo

logo-sensocreativoPiceno is a fascinating border territory in the south of the Marche, adjoining the neighbouring region of Abruzzo. Its landscape is a unique patchwork, almost an overlapping of vistas that embrace sea, hills and mountains.

Piceno opens up to the gaze, taking root in the heart with its gentle lines and softly nuanced colours, a kaleidoscope countryside, a familiar and welcoming pattern as far as the eye can see, the fruit of encounter and interaction between humanity and its world.

Passion for the earth and landscape culture are expressed in a pleasant countryside that everyone can enjoy. Rural life here is a strong cultural element, which is always part of local sentiment and living.
Piceno is this little world: opening with a natural beauty and enclosed in the histories of the many pretty, surprising medieval villages that are the colour and identity of the inland area.

The municipalities of this small but charming area have joined together to form the GAL Piceno consortium, which works under the Piceno Local Development Plan (PSL PICENO – Axis IV – LEADER PSR 2007-2013) to coordinate and implement sustainable local development, paying particular attention to integrated promotion of the territory, with its identity and the excellence of its culture, traditions, and fine food and wine.

There are 24 municipalities in the GAL Piceno, specifically: Acquasanta Terme, Acquaviva Picena, Appignano del Tronto, Arquata del Tronto, Carassai, Castignano, Castorano, Comunanza, Cossignano, Cupra Marittima, Force, Massignano, Montalto delle Marche, Montedinove, Montefiore dell’Aso, Montegallo, Montemonaco, Monterubbiano, Offida, Palmiano, Ripatransone, Roccafluvione, Rotella, Venarotta.

Piceno knows how to be appealing and reveal what it really is, in a genuine way. It accepts and brings together different stories, which it tells with gusto and feeling, offering sensations of tranquillity and lightness of spirit, stimulates positive experiences, in contact with nature, with the landscape, with art, with the best things in life.

Piceno Senso Creativo is the new project for promoting this modest area with its rich yet unknown hues, co-funded under the PSL PICENO (Rural Development Programme 2007/2013 – European Union / Marche Region – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development “Europe investing in rural areas”), and recognized and authorized by GAL Piceno Leader II, the tourism promotion brand closely bound to the rural identity of Piceno’s inland, hill and mountain areas.

Piceno Senso Creativo aims to talk about this richness of hues, inspired and generated by the colours of the welcoming nature and developed into shades of culture, art and creativity. It does so mainly by encouraging participation in its events, those events that embrace the typicity of this area, its passion for things well done, as in bygone times, its desire to open up and attract others with its authenticity.

Events and activities for all tastes, able to stimulate every sense: the follow-your-nose trails to find the delicious truffles on the Sibillini Mountains and Castignano aniseed. The flavours to savour of typical products, from extra virgin olive oil to succulent Sibillini pink apples, a Slow Food presidium, as well as truly typical dishes, rich in taste. The experiences to try in the area, from tastings to themed tours and visits to traditional stores of crafts and art studios, or even the memory of your big day with a Piceno wedding in one of the beautiful historic venues. And then all that is a treat for the eyes to discover like landscapes, medieval towns and art treasures.

In this way, Piceno Senso Creativo guides visitors to the heart of Piceno’s rural and folk culture, its social interaction, the pleasure of conviviality and hospitality, with its many traditional festivals, and its ancient and contemporary creativity.

Piceno Senso Creativo leads you to the most authentic Piceno, in contact with its people.
We’re ready to welcome you to Piceno, come and discover all the colours of our area!