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Follow your nose and flavours to savour

The path of culinary traditions and typical products leads to a unique universe of follow-your-nose trails and flavours to savour. Through recollected ingredients and recipes they write significant pages in true rural history.

Piceno cuisine is rooted in a rural culture whose key ingredients have been based on vegetable, pulses, potatoes and chestnuts for centuries.

The area’s gastronomy reflects the peculiarities of a district that may be rather small in size but its variety of landscapes and geography – from the sea to the mountains, taking in hillsides along the way – inevitably impact the food and gastronomy traditions of each different part.

There are many flavours worth tasting but some deserve a special mention. One of the unique products, highly typical of this area, is the olive oil made mainly in Monterubbiano and Ripatransone. Another is the Sibillini pink apple, grown in the mountain area, in particular in the Montedinove district.

Among the typical dishes there are some particularly memorable main courses made with genuine local meat, flavoured with rosemary and other aromatic herbs found here, and with a splash of white wine: in particular farmyard meat from chickens and rabbits, especially in hill areas, and lamb from the mountains.

The intense scents of Piceno then to Castignano, the home of aniseed, and to Force and Roccafluvione known for the truffle aromas that enrich the unforgettable mountain cuisine.