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Rotella and its mountain produce: the chestnut, an all-round ingredient

The chestnut is the symbol of the Sibillini Mountains (as well as certain areas of the Upper Tronto). Rotella and its numerous outlying villages boast a wealth of chestnut forests. since it is situated at the feet of Mount Ascensione, once known as the “Black Mountain” because of the dark colour it acquired in autumn, when the chestnut trees came into bloom.

In past times, the chestnut was a staple for people whose only means of sustenance came from the vegetable garden and the woodlands.

The tradition lives on today in recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes in which the chestnut is valued for its distinctive flavour and nutritional properties. In particular, however, chestnuts stored during the winter are used in the production of many kinds of carnival confectionery, for example the delicious ravioliwith chestnut filling.

Autumn, especially October, is the best time of year to visit the small mountain municipalities at the foot of the Sibillini range, where some of the most characteristic chestnut forests of the area can be found.


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Chestnut ravioli recipe

chestnuts ravioli recipe rotellaIngredients for the filling

450g of chestnuts; 150g of dark chocolate; 3 cups of hot coffee; one and a half liqueur glasses of aniseed liqueur; 4 tsps of sugar; extra virgin olive oil; icing sugar.

Ingredients for the pastry

600g wheat flour; 5 eggs; one and half tbsps of extra virgin olive oil; 1 glass of boiled must.




Prepare the dough that is not to thin by mixing eggs, flour, oil and boiled must. Meanwhile boil and puree the chestnuts, melt the chocolate in the hot coffee, then add the mixture to the sugar dissolved in the aniseed liqueur. Place small portions of filling about 4 cm apart on the pastry and cover with another sheet of pastry, pressing the edges so the edges are firmly sealed. Cut the ravioli into a semicircles and fry in boiling oil. Dust with icing sugar.


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Contrada Icone, 3; frazione Capradosso; 0736880222;


Il Giardino dell’Ascensione

Contrada Icone, frazione Capradosso; 0736374510;


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Ristorante La Madonnina

Contrada Icone, frazione Capradosso; 0736374510;


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Museo Sistino di arte sacra, Via Ciccolini, 7

Christmas – Easter – Summer    Scheduled opening

Entrance fee    €1.00


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Caseificio Artigianale Pacioni – Sibillini Pecorino cheese

C.da Monte 10; frazione Capradosso; 0736374135;


Azienda agricola La Canosa – typical wines

C.da San Pietro, 6; 07367374135;;




Rotella and its mountain produce: the chestnut, an all-round ingredient

Rotella, AP, Italia