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Sibillini in Rosa

Monti Sibillini pink apples

LogoPSCThe Monti Sibillini pink apple is an ancient fruit that has always been grown here, at altitudes of 450 – 900 metres above sea level, and has been known since ancient Roman times.

The pink apples are quite small in size, uneven and slightly flattened, and are of a greenish colour with lovely nuances ranging from pink to purple and red to orange.

The flesh is acidulous and sugary, the scent is intense and aromatic, and it is picked in the first ten days of October, storing perfectly until April.

Like most ancient varieties, Monti Sibillini apples are quite rustic and play an important role on the market as they are entirely healthy.

MeleMANIFESTOOn the basis of this important work, in 2000 the Monti Sibillini pink apple Slow Food Presidium was established, supported not only by the Comunità Montana dei Monti Sibillini organization but also by the Marche regional agriculture department.

Growers of the Monti Sibillini pink apple have founded an association called “ROSA”, whose mission is to endorse production, harvest, promotion and marketing.

Precisely because production of Monti Sibillini pink apples is protected by the existence of a Slow Food Presidium, controlled by the activities of the producer association, with a registered trademark to allow traceability, it can benefit from a growing market both at regional and national level.

The Sibillini in Rosa event, held at Montedinove, is an opportunity for study and promotion of agricultural businesses in the southwest Marche area, and stands as a benchmark for the Sibillini mountain farmers.




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Sibillini in Rosa

Montedinove, AP, Italia